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About Atman Management Group

Atman is an Eastern idea that revolves around the concept that we are all one. When it comes to anger, we are actually, all one. We all struggle with anger from time to time; but for some, struggling with anger becomes a problem. Atman Management Group is built on the idea that there are two kinds of people in the world: People with issues and dead people. That means as long as we are alive, we all have issues, and anger certainly exacerbates those issues. Atman Management Group is dedicated to helping people of all walks of life learn the latest and best strategies for controlling their lives. Every product offered by Atman Management Group specifically targets practical solutions to every day emotional problems. The entire organization has one mission: To help every person become psychologically free.

Don Paul Press

Don Paul Press is named after two of the hardest working individuals this country has produced: Donald J. Conte and Paul W. Miller, Sr. Both of these men set shining examples of what it means to work hard every day of their lives and consistently take care of their families. Although they grew up in different areas, both Donald and Paul operated on similar values: Family, work, community. Don Paul Press is dedicated to producing works that reflect these values. Don Paul Press is therefore proud to present The Anger Management Workbook and Keys to a Better Life: A Book of Personal Challenges, as both of these works represent the concepts that each of these men worked so hard to exemplify.

Dr. Christian Conte, Ph.D

Dr. Christian Conte, Ph.DDr. Conte is the star of the reality show, Coaching Bad on Spike Network. He is one of a handful of anger specialists in the world who have achieved the Level V certification status as recognized by the National Anger Management Association.

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Dr. Steven P. Miller, Ed.D

Dr. Steven P. Miller, Ed.DDr. Miller is a recognized expert in mental health who has spent more than twenty years helping thousands of people deal with even the most difficult emotional struggles.

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