The Anger Management Workbook Program

The Anger Management Workbook


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Think about how many people are actually impacted by your anger. Your spouse? Your children? Your co-workers? Employees? Customers? Friends? Acquaintances? Random people you encounter? Every time you act out of anger, you are impacting more people than you realize. Once your spouse is impacted, then so is everyone she/he comes into contact with after that. And the same is true of your children, co-workers, employees, customers, friends, acquaintances, and everyone you encounter.

Atman Management presents the much anticipated Anger Management Program that has been proven to work! This system is not a quick fix and it will take effort to complete, but the individual transformations made can impact entire families for generations to come.

Get the full benefits of the The Anger Management Program with The Anger Management WorkbookFundamental Excercises a 2-disc DVD set featuring over 100 exercises; and the Guided Meditation: A Pathway to Peace CD which is designed to help your mind create peaceful experiences for your body.

Add on Professional Supplemental Materials to get a downloadable PDF version of the Workbook licensed for individual use. We will send you a link to the PDF once your payment has cleared.

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Full Anger Management Program, with Professional Supplemental Materials (+$200)

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